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I really like the concept! The game is super fun! The main character is very cute too :D


Other then the slight music beak at the end this was very enjoyable! ^^


Is the music supposed to sound broken and horrible?

Is the movement and camera supposed to be sluggish?

The concept is pretty cool, but the gameplay is very bland and I was getting really buggy hitboxes with the spikes.


I tried my best lol! I'm terrible at platformers... T_T


Hey Dev! 

I included your game on this week's Indie Game Playlist! Well Done!

Nice game! It is featured on my Video!

Check it!


Made a video

when you can i think the audio is crackling

Nice game. Love the visuals.

Really well polished art style. I love the little characters knockback and fall over animation when it takes damage.

Gameplays kinda bland though. I'm not sure why we need to kill all the enemies to progress, it feels like you'll naturally kill most just by progressing given the linearity.


This is great, is there any way you could make a downloadable version. If not, it's cool, no pressure or anything.

sure thing :) I'll work on that as soon as I'm free!

The art is mind blowing, the concept is engaging, and I like the pressure of your hp being tick away. Awesome work you guys!


Awsome Game! Art and music is cool. nice!


Good game! Really fun to play. Loves the art style, not too difficult to play, too. Good job!


This was a lot of fun! :D I really enjoyed the art style as well! - Do you have a link to the Ludum Dare page so I can give it a rating? :D

here you go! give me yours!!

Perfect! :D And thanks!


This actually has the potential to be a really cool game.  Any plans on enhancing it at some point?  At the very least it would be nice if you could jump with the right mouse button in addition to the space bar.

we will definitely use what we learned here for our next game that we are currently working on! :)


Andreeeeew, did you work on this in secret???

haha it was just for LD4

didn't notice lol