Are you a shiba and do you want to play volleyball with other shibas? 

If you like E-SPORTS, eating snacks while doing some excercise by putting ball in loops, then this the game for you :3

Oh and for the normal people out there: It is just a silly game about two shibas playing volley ball nothing more nothing less! :) 

Check ingame tutorial but I also typed it down for you here!


               Move                                   Jump

Shiba 1A, DW
Shiba 2Left Arrow, Right ArrowUp Arrow

How to Play

  • You must keep passing the ball, put the ball in loops and eat snacks for best score.
  • Try not to drop the ball on the floor and you must always pass the ball to the other shiba. 
  • You are allowed 3 mistakes and you can always save your ball!

This was a CCC Jam Submission. I made it in 3 days :) I hope I managed to make you smile a bit hehe.

Music, art and programming made by me (Andrew)

I sometimes do youtube 

I most of the times post random stuff on twitter:

SFX with SFXR and Audacity, Programmed on Unity, Art on Aseprite. I used these wonderful fonts: and

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorAndrei Zi Zhen
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Casual, Dogs, Funny, minigames, Pixel Art, shiba


Download 25 MB


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Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiii ! :D

Really good idea and nice game ♥


Super cute idea, very polished game and it's fun to play both as a solo player or with another person. Oh and this game is all about Shibas, what else do you want in life?


cute and fun. what else do you want in life?





this is cute


Omg me and <totally not the person who developed this game> got a highscore of 19900, try beat that, gamers

how? I can't even get to 10


jump on top of eachother like the cute shibas that you are :)