Maddie is a tiny candle, set up on an italian restaurant dinner table in the middle of New York City. As the clouds came and the sky got dimmer and dimmer. It suddenly started to rain. Pity on the waiters for not clearing the table and now Maddie has to survive and dodge these rain droplets in order to survive! 

This is a snappy quick reaction mini-game with minimal controls and a cartoon-ish vibe.

Play time: Between 1 - 5 minutes.

Maddie is under the name of Pinnical Studio. An independent collaboration between Andrei Zi Zhen Cretu and Giacomo Autili with the support from Sebastian Zamfirescu who provided all the Sound FX and Music Assets.

Let's stay in touch!

Andrei Zi Zhen Cretu - Twitter/Instagram

Giacomo Autili - Behance/ Instagram

Sebastian Zamfirescu - Mixcloud

Pinnical Studio - Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

We have a Discord too!

Post your score in the comments down below! :)


As this has been our very first game where we had almost no knowledge of Unity/C#, Game Design and Game Development. I would like to thank Blackthornprod for their Udemy Course and Jonas Tyroller's youtube video on how to make a game interesting through meaningful design and play. (video here) I would also like to thank the Indie Game Dev communities on various discord channels for helping us and giving insights throughout the process. (Special thanks: Rebecca PerroneKrakenGames, DevilDerp)

Notice: The game still has an issue when it is put on full screen. That is because during the development, it was never planned to implement a full screen feature but WebGL provides one regardless of the game. If you encounter any problem please write it in the comment section down below and I will try my best to fix the game! Thank you :)

Release date Jun 01, 2019
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
AuthorsAndrei Zi Zhen, GinkoVonAgrum, Pinnical Studio
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Cartoon, Cute, dodge, Fast-Paced, framebyframe, old-school, oldschool, reaction-game, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


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Really fun! My highscore is 2900. I love the animation that plays when you collect the power!


I got 1820 ^^


score 2200


Great game

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I scored 1220

Fun Cute little game, Love the animations :D


3970! Awesome game :D


Thank you so much! :)



Nice! Thank you for playing sir Wizrares.


6920, not even gonna try get a higher score Kappa

Thanks boss >:)


This is the cutest candle i have ever seen


Thank you so much! Melts my heart every time someone says Maddie so cute :’) 


Is a really good game, Maddie is really cute and i like the animations also i love the music.
Simple and good. If this is your first game you must keep coding and work because i hope to see another game soon! Good work!

Thank you so much! Those words really inspire me! I will keep on working and hope to make the next game even better! Thank you for playing! :) 




Love the art!


super cute

Thanks so much <3!


your welcome, please make more super cute games


got 4680, this would make a very good mobile game if you could make the controls work well

Many thanks for your kind words! I will definitely consider it! <3 and that’s a very good score haha better than mine. I only got 3500 

The game is crashed if try again.

I will have a look into that! Thank you for the feedback!

It seems that there is a problem with canvas scaler. I apologise for that and will be fixing it as soon as possible. For now I suppose the only way to play the game by not be in Full Screen

That isn't the only problem, after pressing the try again button, it will crash with the error message.

Could you please tell me or show me what the problem is exactly?

I have updated the game! Hope this time it works. Even though I still don't know what the problem is.

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If there aren't any more problems please let me know. :)


I think I was referring to this problem by pressing try again:

I see. Perhaps there needs to be an update of some sort with webGL? I am certainly not sure. I am currently using the latest unity version 2019.1.0f2 and the build was through webGL.

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Gruffle Highest score: 9550

tartacuChoco: 4160

Hack_Milky_Way highest score: 5200