You're in the metro and you're late for work!

This is a game about saying sorry "Aggressively" as you try to make your way outside the station!

I made this with 3 other friends of mine for this years GMTK's Game Jam!

The topic was Only One. You can see that there is only one button you need to press. F to pay respect and move alOOoooOOoOng!

How to play: Press F to let others know you've got somewhere to go!

This is our very first Game Jam and it has been very fun and educational! Best of luck to everyone and we are looking forward to play many many weird games!


Andrew - Game Design, Level Design, Programming, Music Composition, SFX Design.

Rakuen9 - Game Art , Animation.

Gonzako - Game Mechanics Programming

Skadelol - Game Art, Level Design, Animation


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Nice concept and game mechanic.

Music is great,  art and animation is lovely too.

Only thing I did't get (maybe I am stupid)

What can you do wrong to fail the game?

Good job!

You're being too nice haha there are many things that are wrong with this game :D I guess since its score based, you can get 0 score. Thanks for checking it out! F