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Tadpole Tales is a tiny 2D Hand Drawn Clean ‘em Up about a tiny tadpole cleaning rivers and fighting pollution. In this journey, you get to play in three different froggy forms based on your health, with wave-like patterns of enemies.

Clean 'em Up!

You heard it, it’s a clean ‘em up, not a shoot 'em up. All the animations you see are hand-drawn frame by frame. We hope that this little game can offer you a short yet pleasant experience, something that anyone can pick up and put in their library. This game is a love letter to retro gaming, reminiscent of GBA games. We hope you enjoy it!

Challenge Yourself!

Track your score and compete with others. Race your friends to see who can clean the river faster. Earn achievements by not getting hit or taking any hearts. We’ll even give you a special achievement for beating the dev’s score!

Follow Us!

Andrew Game Designer/Developer


Giacomo Artist/Animator/Designer

Tomer Sound Designer/SoundMaster

ActEsper Composer

Sebastian Additional Sound Designer

Development log


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how can i download this game? 😔

hey ! search for the game on steam ! it is f2p

Cool artstyle


i cant play the game, it jujst runs, turns my whole screen black and closes


how do you downloaded the games?, just can't find the link for download it 

 This is probably one of the best games I've played on itch.io However a few hours ago it was working, now it just temporarily bricks my computer, I don't know if this is a problem with my PC or the game itself. But like I said 10/10 for this

So nice!

Cool game!

Easily the best "Clean-em-up" I've ever played, hands down!

I forgot to post before when I first played this months back, but I've played a few more times since off camera and I can safely say I'm still no good at this genre of game X)

That being said, there was never a dull moment in this. The art is truly wonderful to look at, the animation is flawless, the mechanics are easy to grasp (just hard for me, haha) and no matter how many times I've lost I've kept trying to come back for more. This has been SO much fun to play, and I can't wait to check out some of your other titles!

So how come I can control the tadpole with a controller, but I can't shoot with any buttons? Like, the joystick works. Just found that a bit odd.

Finally got around to playing this game and it was such a blast! this game made me go to some really interesting places and I had quite a wild ride with it. 


very nice game but annoyingly difficult because of the speed and the very small chance of getting hearts theres just too many monsters shooting at you to dodge and theres no checkpoints




stfu you noob stop wasting time to write and improve at the game instead of asking for dumb noob shit


i agree with part of the comment above its pretty annoying when you die and have to restart everything


Why don't you stfu you noob i bet you didn't win on your first second or third attempt!


Looks super fun at the start before downloading! Even better when I download it!!!!!!


I loved watching the dev logs for this! Its so cool to actually play it! :D


super fun, love the color palette too.


This game is really chilled. Love the artwork and design, great stuff to play!!



A couple small things:

1) The stones in the pond (it actually took me a while to realize they were there) do not have parallax so it looks like they are on top of the water and not on the bottom.

2) Where can I get the frames for the main menu background? I would like to put that as my own background, it's really nice and chill.

Thank you for this game. Well polished and fun.

Duck <333


very cuphead-esque

Thanks for a very fun game! https://belongplay.ru/tadpole-tales/

the game keeps crashing everytime i launch it also i cannot for some reason download the final build.


Not the devs, but I would recommend downloading the game from Steam. I had similar issues when I tried to download it from itch.io, but on Steam it works well. :) 

Link to Tadpole Tales on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1428900/Tadpole_Tales/


Oh! Thanks it worked! TYSM! :D


No problem, glad it worked! :)


Really loved the art of this game and it's so simple that I had such a chill time playing it

Can there be a linux port? The game loks awsome really want to play it!

I have tried to port it but it doesn't seem to work :( apparently, there is something wrong with image compression for all the art sprites. I am truly sorry

Ok :(

Such a lovely game. Graphics were amazing, gameplay was good, sound design was great. I love shoot 'em ups and frogs. I couldn't tell if the hitboxes and hurtboxes felt bigger than some of the actual sprites, which made it difficult to dodge some of the larger projectiles. Had so much fun playing. 

Great stuff! Looking forward for more projects :)

Please check out the video and my channel: VladMan

Thank you! 


Thank you so so much Vladman! 


Hey, guys, I played this game on my Youtube channel and I would very much appreciate it if you checked it out this game is really fun and I highly recommend it. 


Game pLay looks like cuphead kinda


Cool Game. The art is really good and the music matches the level. The gameplay felt a little slow. If I died I didn't really want to wade through the same section again before the boss. Adding powerups that increase the players abilities beside the heart would help out a lot I think.


Cute game! Sadly, performance tanks for me after beating the first duck boss. Goes from running fine to 5 or less fps.


I love this game. Why?
Because when i first opened it, it crashed my computer entirely, making me realise i had to take a break from the internet.
Thank you


I wanna play this but it keeps quitting at the loading screen


What a great little game! check out my gameplay of it :)


5 out of 5 frogs. wholesome. rewarding. gameplay. dropped $5 into the pond for the devs. cant wait to see whats next. also agree with everyone about the checkpoint system. but then playing for an hour, ya know i kinda like the replayability and wonder how the difficulty curve would be maintained if they added checkpoints. so maybe it really is best how it is. also really liked ur footage TsukuruHouse and Cleo


Hey Andrew and Giacomo,
Been following all the devlogs and am so happy to see that the game has been published, it looks amazing!!! I own a mac and am unable to play the game, would love to see a mac build sometime in the future :) Can't wait to follow your next gamedev project

amazing game, the cute visuals elevate the game a lot. Also, the bosses animations are super cool, definitely a must play for all the shoot em up addicts like me :P.

The only grips i have with the game is that it needs a checkpoint system, al least after every boss. The game is not that hard with it's moment to moment gameplay, the real difficulty comes with having to beat the game in one sitting.

Loved this game!

*the witch's house flashbacks*


Stumbled upon this masterpiece on Reddit....Must say the Visuals are absolutely stunning and so is the Gameplay....Great Game overall....Keep up the Great work and have a Great day!!


Gorgeous animation and art style. :) Echoing other comments, I would suggest adding checkpoints and maybe increasing the number of lives starting out as well. Difficulty-wise it's still acceptable for me (similar to Cuphead, it's possible to progress with repeated attempts). 

On the technical side, the game hung very badly upon loading and crashed. It was only playable for me on Steam, but I still experienced some lag upon startup and during gameplay. This is a very cute, fun game that has a lot of potential. I would be happy to replay if the overall experience was smoother.


Great concept for a side scrolling shooter and really charming art style. My only complaints are a) the movement is too slow to maneuver through some of the tighter gaps between projectiles (as well as to respond to the projectile speed of the second boss) and the maximum powerup state makes it impossible to dodge literally everything.

LMAO it also crashed my PC.

Very cute font you use here though

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