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Fantastic game, I really enjoyed playing it, please subscribe to my channel, I need support, you will like my channel, thank you friends:Placebogames - YouTube


This game is HARD! Good job! :)

thank you!


Hey dev, I included your game in this weeks Indie Game Playlist! Great work!

Thank you so much :)


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I'd love to try the game out, it looks super charming and polished! Unfortunately I can't get it to run, it keeps crashing on startup. Disabling antivirus doesn't seem to help.

EDIT: I was able to launch the game through Steam. If anyone else is having the same issue, this might help you. Cute game!


Made a video


I tried to open the game and it won't let me??? I even restarted and downloaded the game again multiple times?? (btw I'm on windows) does anyone have a solution? very desperate T-T

I have the same problem... Also on Windows 10.

So far the game is not optimized well so currently you need a powerful computer to run it. The steam version of the game has been updated to be able to run a computer that has at least 12gb of Ram which still takes most of the memory to run it. So currently it is just a very demanding game until it hopefully gets optimized for less powerful systems. Hope this helps.


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! i was able to download it on stream! >;)

Happy I could help

I really like this game! the artstyle is amazing, the SFXs are juicy and the music is great. I think player bias could be improved and stage 3 tadpole feels a downgrade compared to stage 2, but as I said, overall really good game feel.

You should feel proud of your creation! :)

When I first saw Tadpole Tales, I thought it would be a mix between Tadpole Treble and Cuphead. Turns out, I wasn't too far off. The adorable, and well drawn, art style definitely works well with the happy water critters theme, and the music was also catchy. While I'm not great at this sort of game, I still had a lot of fun trying it.

Good job, devs.

The game is very beautiful and fun, I wish you all the success!


This is so beautifull !!!!!!! wp I love it

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I just played a few minutes and I now that this is a masterpiece <333 But the fishes trow to much purple things and if u plus the other enemies proyectiles u are gonna probably die. But aside that is very good


Its amazing and i highly recommend everyone to play this game in such a beautiful environment, your art styles is very cute and amazing 


Great game! I have been watching your dev logs for a while and it is nice to see a dev from youtube actually complete an enjoyable project. Please keep making some great youtube videos and most of all keep making games.




Hey Dev,

I love this game! It's so adorable and fun to play. I couldn't beat the boss in my video but it was still fun to keep trying! I think the only thing I recommend is damage indicators on the bosses. It's a little tough to know if I am doing the right thing to beat them until I actually beat them. Other than that though you nailed it! Well done!

- Elit3hoboguy

My Video: 

Deleted post

same! T-T





I have Windows 10 (x64bits) and have not been able to start it or run the video game. It goes to the logo splash screen and closes.



It may be a problem with x86 - x64

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it might be because the game is not the most optimized game... since this is our first, we struggled a lot with optimization :( I hope that in our next game we will be able to be better at it, sorry again!


I'm on windows 10 x64 and its working fine for me.

Looks awesome

Thank you!


Thank you so much!

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What do i think about this game?

This game is absolutely amazing.

  1.  Amazing art
  2.  Very good gameplay and sounds
  3.  Wonderful story

This game is a bit challenging and that's great.

10/10 For me and I can only recommend this game.

Sounds 9/10
Optimilization 6/10

Thank you so much about the review <3 and yes now that we kinda know how game art assets work, our future games should be a lot more optimized!!! Thank you again for taking the time to write this <3


This is a really cute but challenging game! It's mainly because if you die, you go back to the very beginning! But the gameplay is so good that you want to keep going. And it has a positive message at the end :) 

I am so glad you beat it! <3 Thank you for playing our game!

I made a review of The First 15 minutes of your game! Check it out HERE, and keep up the great work!

whoa! thank you so much!

This is as adorable as it is brutal and I love that! As much as I hate it and it makes me hate myself, I still adore everything about this!

awww thank you so much for playing!

I love the colors, cartoon aspect and the mechanic of the tadpole turning into an adult through lives. It puts the danger and feedings on a different level. Enemies ain't no joke either. Loved it


Thank you <3

I love the art style! 

Thank you so much!

I have a problem and it is that the game does not run, it loads and I get a unity error

what should I do?


same not sure what to do I extracted the files again to make sure if that was the problem but same thing happened


it might be because the game is not the most optimized game... since this is our first, we struggled a lot with optimization :( I hope that our next game we will be able to be better ate it, sorry again!


bro do not worry, it is seen that it is THE GAME and that you put a lot of effort in doing it and thank you for trying to solve my problem

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The warning banner is removed by installing the mono stable distribution version However, the video game goes from the logo to a blank screen and crashes from there. Try it and see if it helps you. The link to the Mono distribution for Windows is as follows:

Expert Mode.

Whoa! Nice one!

Awesome game!I found the game very difficult in the beginning but after a break I managed to finish the normal mode and the expert mode in one go.

Thank you so much!


This awesome game has the whole package! Really amazing art with nice background sound that fits really well! Well done, great job!

Check my Video!


Thank you so much for playing!


I really love the artstyle and i am impressed how good this game looks!

Thank you so much!


o m g I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR A GAME LIKE THIS! YES THANK YOU im so glad its free, when i get a job 10000% paying you cant WAIT for more games like this



You know you're onto something when people complain that it's free. I sent a few bucks your way and look forward to your next games, especially if you were to document the creation process of these too, the devlog was quite nice to watch.

Thank you so much Marius! You shouldnt have!


Great game! Cute and Wholesome.


Any chance for a Linux port?

they say they will make the linux and mac version. more information in they're discord server


Yeah we are hopping to but we cant promise it though as this small project was mainly a proof of concept!

The artsytle and the story are so great. is so inspiring to make us avoid making poluttion

<3 i am so glad you like the message Zero :)


Aweeeeeesome game...

Thank youuuuuuu

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